Our standards


We thoroughly test every product we create to make sure that the product is safe to use on and around babies.

We put our products through the tests that are absolutely necessary AND those that go above and beyond what’s technically required depending on how a product will interact with you and your baby.

We always test for

Formula stability

Stability tests let us know that our finished formulas will work the way they should, even after they’ve been exposed to bright light, heat or cold on their journey from us to you.

Dermatological testing

All our products have been dermatologically tested and certified non-allergenic. We bring our products to various testing laboratories all over the world to be sure they are really gentle for babies.

Batch microbial testing

We conduct microbial testing on each batch of our products to be sure there’s no sign of sneaky microbes or bacterial growth.

Product efficacy

It may seem obvious, but after all is said and done, making sure a product does what it should is an absolute must. You can stay assured our products do what is claimed.