Our standards


We actively listen to you – what you need, what you don’t like about existing products, and what is good for your baby. And because we’re parents too, we’re always inspired by how our own babies grow and explore the world. Simply put, everything we make has a purpose. Nothing exists “just because.”

What inspires our new products?

The latest research

Thanks to the pediatricians, dermatologists, we’re always up-to-date with the latest scientific research. If a new study reveals a better way of doing things (or something we should avoid), we want to know about it—and we want you to know about it, too.

Personal experience

We’re parents ourselves, so like you, we’re constantly amazed by our babies and the way they explore the world. That can lead to some pretty incredible “what if…” and “a-ha!” moments when it comes to our products.

Users’ feedback

Our extended family of customers are the greatest resource of information, so when it comes to product development, you better believe we listen carefully.