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Our story

OUR STORY Welcome to our world! …Where nature creates wonderful products, truly delicate for you baby’s skin. We always believe that Mother Earth offers the most precious treasures. And so, one should not interrup this natural harmony. At Dr.Spock Organics we utilise the most from […]


Testing & review

TESTING & REVIEW We thoroughly test every product we create to make sure that the product is safe to use on and around babies. We put our products through the tests that are absolutely necessary AND those that go above and beyond what’s technically required […]


Our formulations

OUR FORMULATIONS Formulation is more than just a product’s “recipe.” The ingredients we choose (and the ones we don’t), the packaging we select all play a role in creating our best possible product. How we formulate our products Ingredients selection We always start with plant-based […]


Our values

OUR VALUES We truly believe good products will stay in consumers’ heart. We don’t seek quick wins. We make products to care about your baby, about our planet and which you actually can find affordable. We make products that we can be proud of. For […]


Our purpose

OUR PURPOSE We actively listen to you – what you need, what you don’t like about existing products, and what is good for your baby. And because we’re parents too, we’re always inspired by how our own babies grow and explore the world. Simply put, […]


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Natural Laundry Liquid With Softener – 6+ Month Baby

NATURAL LAUNDRY LIQUID WITH SOFTENER – 6+ MONTHS BABY 6+ month babies can sit, can crawl and actually make a big mess! Their clothes are always dirty which is not too surprising, especially during the feeding time, when baby food can appear in places you can’t […]